Words of [Writing] Wisdom by Emily Orr

Don’t worry if your first draft of an essay or term paper in any discipline is less than spectacular. In fact, the novel you are reading for your class, the text book you are using for homework, and the article that your professor puts on e-reserves, isn’t a first draft. It probably isn’t even a … Continue reading

“Why We Read” by Thomas L. Conn

Any good writer needs to be a good reader.  Like any profession, you need to train, practice, and learn from what others have done.  Janet Burroway Elizabeth Stuckey-French, and Ned Stuckey-French, in Writing Fiction, wants you to ask the questions, “Why did s/he make this choice of imagery, setting, ending?  What gives this scene its … Continue reading

Highlighters are Your New Best Friend by Ben Feintech

I like highlighters. For Moby-Dick, I’m using blue. Scholarly journals and research articles get orange, while short story anthologies are awash in yellow. Hot pink is reserved for my geology textbook. Using different colors for different subjects and resources provides a way for me to separate and compartmentalize a diverse array of literature. If I … Continue reading